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2016 Diversity and Inclusion
Annual Report

There is growing conventional wisdom that a more diverse and inclusive workforce is critical to the growth and success of an organization, and the legal profession is certainly no exception. In law firms and in corporate legal departments, leaders often look to diversity initiatives as a tool to help them retain employees and gain clients in a competitive industry.

But where does the legal profession stand in terms of diversity and inclusion? The results of our survey suggest that respondents doubt whether their own firms or departments are up to the task. The results also reveal a lack of alignment between law firm attorneys and corporate attorneys on the perceived importance of diversity and inclusion in law firms.

Download this essential report for detailed insight into the state of diversity and inclusion in the legal market, as well as the best practices to get diversity and inclusion efforts up and running.

Highlights of the report cover what attorneys are saying about:
  • The importance of diversity and inclusion
  • The role of implicit and unconscious bias
  • The biggest way to drive change and meet diversity targets
  • How to best create change among attorneys
  • What they are hearing from clients about the importance of diversity

Download the report today.

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