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Anticipating the Burden of Risk: Breach Notification Compliance

The Bloomberg Law
® report – Anticipating the Burden of Risk: Breach Notification Compliance – analyzes the international risk landscape surrounding breach notification compliance. Based on Bloomberg Law’s Compliance Risk Benchmarks tool, which produces risk benchmark scores for breach notification across more than 45 countries, this report provides an objective assessment of the overall global risk environment, country-specific benchmark analytics on the burden in meeting compliance requirements and the risk – including financial ramifications and fines – of non-compliance.

Some of the highlights of this report include:
  • A detailed discussion of the threat landscape – with attention paid to the increase of threats in the U.S. over the last 10 years
  • The importance of understanding country-specific data security oversight and enforcement
  • A chart to view the top-10 high compliance-risk countries for Breach Notification by rank.
  • Analysis and graphics for the top 5 high compliance-risk countries.

Download this report now for the complete, detailed analysis.